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Note: This page is currently being updated!

University of Washington

Resources and sites at the University of Washington, where I am currently enrolled as a graduate student. Most links are self-explanatory. The "DigAR Lab" is the Digital Archaeology Research Laboratory, directed by Marcos Llobera. Its goal is to advance the use of digital technology and information in archaeology.

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The following are archaeological and anthropological societies and associations. The SAA, SHA, and WAC all require membership to access their journals, though they do offer some free content. The IPPA does not require membership, as it is just an organization for those interested in Southeast Asian prehistory. However, its website does not generally contain any content for the public, aside from abstracts of the most recent conferences. If you wish to, though, you can read this organization's publication (Bulletin for the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association) online for free. The link is provided below under "Southeast Asia Resources and Journals."

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Southeast Asia Resources and Journals

These are resources and journals for those interested in the history and archaeology of Southeast Asia. Peter Lape's site is the homepage for the 2009 Banda Islands Field School, and contains a wealth of references for those interested in the Banda Islands, Maluku, and Indonesia in general. The remaining links are journals, one of which (BIPPA) is open access.

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Other Resources and Journals

These are links to other archaeological and historical resources. Right now, they're just archaeological publications, but that will change as I add more to the list. One of these, the International Journal of Historical Archaeology, is partially open access.

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Public, Collaborative, and Digital Projects

These are various public, collaborative, and digital archaeological projects that I've been able to find sites for. The VRRP is direct by Ed Tennant, and is a combination of oral historical and archaeological project concerning the town of Rosewood, Florida. The Catalhoyuk Research Project is a collaborative project run by Ian Hodder, involving archaeologists from various parts of the globe as well as local non-archaeologists.

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